One Day Event

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A One Day Event is just that - it means that each horse and rider combination must complete the 3 phases of the event in one day - Dressage, Show Jumping & Cross Country - although, due to the number of competitors here some competitors will do their dressage one day and the Show Jumping & Cross Country the next.


The examination of a horse & rider's ability to work together. Dressage is judged on the bearing, demeanour, discipline and elegance that the partnership brings to the arena. The test consists of a sequence of movements to test the suppleness and obedience of the horse.


A test of agility, precision and control of both horse and rider over a course of show jumps, taking place in the main arena at the centre of the Event


The most exciting part of the One Day Event. riders must negotiate a course of approximately 30 timber built solid obstacles within the time limit designed to test the fitness, technique and all round ability of the combination.