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Dressage events are held in one of our purpose built sand and rubber ménages.

Guaranteed Warm up on surface

We are keen to encourage all levels of horse and rider - so whether you're a seasoned competitor or a first-timer, you'll find a class to suit your requirements. We do our utmost to ensure classes do run to time so we respectfully ask that competitors keep their eye on their watch whilst awaiting their test.

British Dressage

British Dressage, you are entitled to ride at affiliated competitions. These are governed by British Dressage and must meet certain guidelines. This means that whatever affiliated event you attend it should be of a consistent and guaranteed standard, held at an approved venue and be judged consistently by a fully accredited British Dressage judge. More importantly, there’s a clear structure of classes to help you progress as far as you want to.

Perhaps you will qualify for the National Dressage Championships held in September at Stoneleigh Park, Warks, or the Winter Championships held in April at Hartpury College, Glos? In addition, you can aim for one of the prestigious Petplan Equine Area Festivals and maybe go through to the Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships.

Every affiliated outing you enjoy, you can also potentially increase your horse’s standing within dressage. Any horse registered with British Dressage can accumulate grading points, depending on the score he achieves, once competing at Novice level or above. By grading horses by their performances, British Dressage can ensure classes remain fair and competitive.

TeamQuest Dressage

In 2014, British Dressage (BD) launched a new competition for riders of all ages and abilities called ‘Team Quest’ (TQ). In 2015, Team Quest has been even bigger and better with over 2000 riders taking part and riding down the centre line for their team.

TQ is looking for riders at Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary (new for 2016!) to take part in a fun and relaxed dressage competition – even if you’ve never competed before. Teams of three or four riders will ride as individuals across the four test levels (any combination) and the best three scores count towards an overall team total, highest percentage wins the day. There are two age categories for teams; BYRDS teams (25yo and under) and Open (riders of any age).

The power of Team Quest - rider Anna Tomlinson speaks of the success she has acheived thanks to doing Team Quest.

MyQuest Dressage

Next year, in 2016, begins a new exciting initiative for riders competing at Intro - Elementary level, a competition league for individuals to be run alongside Team Quest. Relaxed rules and dress, sections for Open and BYRDS riders and competing against riders of a similar ability. My Quest will follow the same regional structure as Team Quest, with regional leaderboards taking the top riders to regional and then a national final.

Riders will earn 'Quest points' according to the percentage they acheive to the same scale as other BD competitions. A rider's five best results and resulting Quest points will then feed into the regional leaderboard for each section (Open and BYRDS) at each level (intro to elementary). 

Unaffiliated Dressage

Grass roots Dressage, have a go at Dressage at one of our unaffiliated dressage competitions. Get the feel of riding a dressage competition without having to sign up to BD.

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Rider Attire

Riders are required to wear pale jodhpurs and a suitable jacket. Horse's tack must comply with British Dressage regulations - if in doupt please look on the British Dressage Website for further details on what is currently acceptable.