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Open to all. Junior & Senior sections Anyone competing in our Showjumping Qualier 1 to 6 placing who jump clear will Qualify for our Showjumping Qualifier on Sunday 7th October 2018 Loads of Goodies up for grabs. Kindly Sponsored by ONIT Technologies Ltd

60 Qualifiers

Horse Rider
Shanti Sally McMaughton
Bertie Emily Meakin
Small But Mighty Shelby Harrison
Celtic Mist Isobel Percival
Sapphire Abigal Edwards
Moni Evie Beastall
Tarragon Halle Nutt
Ruppert Lizzie Knowles
Jack Jo Brown
Lady Charlotte Clarvis
Gemswood Morning Sensation Halle Nutt
Magic Mazie Farnham
Nevis Sally McMaughton
The Juggernaut Masie Farnham

70 Qualifiers

Horse Rider
Shanti Sally McMaughton
Rupert Bear Jasmine Knapton
White Hawk Dusty Nicola Wyke Ulliott
Celtic Mist Isobel Percival
Rupert Lucy Knowles
Orro Shelby Harrison
Moni Evie Beastall
Sky Millie Walters
Wonder Rose Shannon Cooper
Polly Natasha Hall
Hillside Puissanc Special Nicola Griffiths
Gemswood Morning Sensation Halle Nutt
Lucy Amy Weir
Parsley Sophie Miller
Keltic Jiminy Cricket Holly Whitehead
Mr Twist Eve Pawson
Yorkie Rachel Oates

80 Qualifiers

Horse Rider
Quest Jasmine Knapton
Galaxy Jodie Cook
Freckles Chelsea Cooke
Archie Danni Maclean
Zarr Megan Brown
Alice Bella Robinson
Mr Pickles Lucy Whitehead
Stan Michelle Kidd
Lucy Emily Weir
Pepper Catherine Anderson
Keltic Jiminy Cricket Lucy Whitehead
Holly Bella Robinson
Strider Sonia Cantwell

90 Qualifiers

Horse Rider
Star Bound Ami Pettitt
Jem Rebecca Lovell Kelly
Murry Jakob Kendrick
Rudi Mary Lloyd
Joey Jakob Bartlett
Wiliniooka Latta Chauhan
Denzil Vanessa Howdle
Will Power Ella Richardson
Zorona Liesl Clark
Sparky Lindsay Hewitt
Veko Nina Draper
Dylan Sarah Gloster

100 Qualifiers

Horse Rider
Miah Anna Wells
Joey Jacob Bartlett
Derrybaye Jenni Cook
Walter Ian Pycock